So, we arrive here at our second instalment of Modified Live action. Yesterday we gave you the low down on what happened in the Pro and Club Pro classes of the Time Attack, today, we catch the action from the Club Challenge class!

Firstly, I suppose an introduction to Time Attack might be useful, especially for those who have never seen the event, or even understood exactly what happens! The format for Time Attack is fairly simple; purchase your car, modify it to make it as fast as possible round a variety of circuits within the UK, add in MSA specified safety features and a set of control tyres, pay your entry fee and get attacking!

Club Class Time Attack

Obviously there must be some rules and regulations and indeed there is. The Pro Class is the top tier of Time Attack where a full National B race licence must be held by the driver. The safety requirements are at the highest but the restrictions on tuning are left up to the individual team! Most of the cars in this class are owned or run by tuning companies, who are more than likely live-testing new products or setups that will eventually be passed down to the retail market given time.

The next rung down sees the Club Pro. This class is made up of those who have proven too fast for the Club Challenge and is the first rung where the National B licence is required and a few tuning restrictions are placed upon the cars.

Finally we come to the Club Challenge, often the largest category of the Time Attack event as it’s open to anyone! No particular make or model is favoured which allows us to watch some brilliant battles on the track from the likes of the Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Evo along with cars like the Fiat Coupe, Mini One, Ford Fiesta, ex BTCC Civics and classic Porsche 968’s! A lot of these cars were likely to have started out as weekend road cars, and occasional track day toys, so is ideal for those without the budget for a full-on race car or season!
The last part of the Club challenge is the various different classes. Within the class and it’s all down to the drivetrain setups and engine displacements. The 5 sub categories are as follows; front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, N/A under 3000cc and N/A over 3000cc.

Metro 6R4

With all this variety, and the size of the entry list, it really does make the Club Challenge class the one to watch, and that’s exactly where we pick up the action!

The warm-up session early on was dominated by the flying, white E36 BMW M3 of Daniel Gannon, who managed to come in after the warm-up over a second and a half quicker than anyone else. Practice was the second chance for the drivers to go and lay down some times and battle for position and it was again Daniel who was quickest round the twisty Cadwell Circuit, this time, however, the Evo of James Moore, the Honda Integra of Paul Hughes and the Subaru of Scott Robson were breathing down his neck!

After lunch came the qualifying sessions; these were split into 4 Groups due to the sheer size of the field! First session was taken by the consistent Daniel Gannon, Group B was taken by overall qualifying quickest man Rob Cowling in his Evo 7. The 3rd group to go out saw the Escort Cosworth of Warren Kelly go fastest and joining them was group D winner Romaine Levesque in the old school Honda CRX.

Scott Robson

Then it came down to the final. This was again split, into 2 groups, however it was the first group out on the track that put the times down to take the 3 podium positions. 3rd place went to the quickest qualifier Rob Cowling in his Evo, just behind the ever consistent and impressive M3 of Daniel Gannon, but top honours went to the flying red Subaru Impreza of Scott Robson who put in a 1:39.694 lap beating Daniel by just 0.066 seconds!

Despite this series not involving the drivers technically “racing” against each other, it really is one of the most exciting and impressive forms of motorsport that’s gracing the UK at the moment; the sheer randomness of the cars, the experience of the tuners & drivers and the format itself makes Time Attack a winner, and Garage Awesome will be bringing you more on this fantastic series in the near future as we look towards October 10th and Snetterton for the final round.

Pic Credits – Rich Cooper/Ant Carroll