The Nissan Skyline has, without a shadow of a doubt, become the most iconic car in the modified and tuning world over the past 5 years, with a huge following, bags of tuning potential and drop dead gorgeous looks it’s no surprise that the owners are enthusiastic to meet up for any occasion!

So imagine our delight when, on a fairly quiet Garage Awesome weekend, we received info that the Midlands group of the forums had arranged a meet on our doorstep, a delight that grew once we realised said meet would be held at a pub!

Midlands Meet

Now of course, and it’s beginning to go with out saying now, the worst day of the weekend weather-wise, will be the very same day a meet is organised for, had it been yesterday you would have seen gleaming paintwork bathed in sunshine, instead it’s a gloomy winter’s day, with poor light and lots of beadage shots, always a good tell-tale sign of who has applied that fresh layer of wax in preparation!

Organiser Chris or ‘Surcalation’ as he is know on the forums, is no stranger to organising meets, in fact if you were a member of a cruise site in the last 5 years, the name will probably ring a bell! Despite all Chris’ years of organisational skills, not even he could help the weather… but he may have been able to NOT clash it with one of Nottingham Forest’s rare T.V. appearances!

Upon arrival we were greeted by a decent selection of Skylines, in a rainbow of colours, styles and engine and drivetrain combo’s. With the Skyline renowned for being a bit of a handful in dodgy conditions, and the fact that some had not awoke from winter hibernation, the turnout was quite surprising and definitely bodes well for future Midlands meets.

Carbon R33 GTR

As usual, amongst the generally impressive cars, a few shone through as having that little bit more with Chris’ red R34 GT-T being one of them, the factory bodykit and chrome wheels made a nice mix, the carbon-clad R33 GT-R got us excited too, with hardcore Rota GTR alloys, carbon grill, vented bonnet and boot pointing to the fact that it was a more than capable weapon. The black R33 GT-R also looked as hard as a nightclub doorman, wearing tidy yellow-lipped Ultralight alloys, and matching yellow callipers, both tucked under its vented front wings. Unfortunately we missed a tidy R33 wearing some gold BBS alloys, he shot of for a blast leaving behind an amazing soundrack…but failed to return for his picture!

All in all, despite the shitty weather the UK throws at us, there is always a bunch of hardcore nutters wanting to meet up and with evidence of a nice post-meet pint on our Facebook page, the Skyline owners meet can only be described as Win!

If you’re into your Skylines, any age and for any of the wide variety of uses then you could do a lot worse than heading over to the forums on

Pic Credits – Ollie Novell/Rich Cooper