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With the weekend just how Garage Awesome like it; full of events and action, it would have been a travesty not to cover any of the motorsport going off this weekend, unfortunately we couldn’t make Round 1 of the BTCC and with Robbie at Santa Pod and myself an evening planned at MFN, it was […]

As we get stuck into our busiest week since we began, it seems only fair that it’s a nice day and involves a little motorsport, and fortunately for us it involved an amazing day weather wise and our (and most of the UK’s) favourite motorsport as we headed to Silverstone Circuit for the Press and […]

Stance; a term that seems to have been banded around the modified car scene over here in the UK for the last 6 months or so, with magazines and websites using the word to describe almost anything that’s slightly modified! The true definition of Stance within the modified car world runs a lot deeper and […]

Winter is most definitely cruising season and with the shows done it keeps the scene ticking over and people in touch; swapping ideas, thoughts and plans ready for next year and aside from that it gives a chance to find some hidden gems whilst the usual show cars are tucked away in garages and bodyshops! […]

Alongside the main Trax event, the final round of the JDM Allstars was running. This is an event that, if you’re a regular reader of Garage Awesome, you will know we have covered before and is possibly our favourite drift series, so there was no way we were gonna miss it or lump a report […]