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The one thing we can safely guarantee in the modified car world, is a total lack of guarantees! Take last night as a perfect example; when we heard of a small meet being arranged in the Mansfield area, for Jap cars only, arranged via Facebook, on a Monday night, the thought crossed our mind as […]

It’s not very often I get jealous, I mean I get to go to some of the coolest events the UK has to offer and have some European events pencilled in later in the year, but bank holiday Monday… the second one, was one of those days that just gave me that hint of jealousy… […]

The Popularity of the 2011 Marangoni Fast Show has kind of caught us out, in previous years it has been plagued with bad weather and the shadow of the Donny/ISTS shows traditionally taking the ‘First Show of the Season’ tag, but it seems that this year the gap left by ISTS has been well and […]

Cruising may not be a crime, but it does often wind up with some bad press and all modified car enthusiasts being labelled as villains and criminals, but for Garage Awesome it’s the perfect place to spot cars with that little bit extra and get them shot and onto the site before the magazines can […]

Gambling; it’s something we all do from time to time, be it the odd flutter on the horses, a cheeky pound on the Lottery, your last dregs of change thrown into the local boozer’s bandit or a full on session at your local casino, but gambling on a cruise is not something we tend to […]