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NEWS – Garage Awesome Roll Into 2012

Posted: 8th January 2012 by Ollie in News
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It’s fair to say we have been a little quiet as of late, ‘where have you been?’ I hear you cry. Well fear not Awesome fans, we haven’t disbanded, split up, fallen out, been abducted or not paid our electric bill, what we have been doing is planning and having a bit of a think […]

Trax is just one of them shows that are pencilled in to everyone’s year planner, it’s gotten so big it is without a doubt the UK’s largest 1 day show and has firmly held its place at the first weekend of September for over a decade, so what is it that makes Trax so unique […]

With the new season of both modified shows and motorsport about to be upon us, now is one of the busiest times of the year for people launching their plans, ideas, new schemes and new products. One of the biggest developments over the last few years has been the use of online media, and we […]

It seems apt that our first event of the new year involves drifting, after all, the first 2 blog posts ever to appear on Garage Awesome back in the middle of last year, were both drift related, and has always been a firm favourite with the Team. The venue and event we decided to head […]

The final part to round-up from the action at Cadwell park see’s us head back to the track for the EDC or European Drift Championship, the first time Competitive Drifting has taken place at Cadwell. Although called the “European Drift Championship” it’s not the big spectical you would expect to see, and with only 8 Drivers […]