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With all the buzz at the heart of Garage Awesome surrounding last weekend’s Modified Live & Time Attack events, you could be forgiven for thinking that it was the only thing going off in the UK scene! Fortunately, we have Robbie on board the team, and although he appreciates some big power machines fighting it […]

Over the past few weeks we have become a bit motorsport heavy, understandably so due to the fact the teams are testing ahead of the imminent start of the new season, but, it’s not just the motorsport calendar that’s about to kick off as we checked out what’s billed to many modifiers as ‘the first […]

If there’s one area of the scene that Garage Awesome have so far tended to miss out on or not bring you much coverage of so far it has to be that of the Volkswagen and general VAG scene, unsurprising really considering the 3 of us all drive Japanese cars and usually the popular German […]