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Like a perfect pint of Guinness the phrase goes ‘good things come to those who wait’ and whilst we’re blasting out some sayings, in this case – ‘patience is a virtue’ would also be appropriate! The thing is that Matthew Spencer has been eagerly awaiting the feature on his trend-setting E46 BMW 325 Sport for […]

Cruising may not be a crime, but it does often wind up with some bad press and all modified car enthusiasts being labelled as villains and criminals, but for Garage Awesome it’s the perfect place to spot cars with that little bit extra and get them shot and onto the site before the magazines can […]

If the word “Marmite” was to ever be used to full effect when describing a modified car, then Chris’ Subaru is the car that would have a big picture next to the description. So feel free to make up your own mind whether you love it and more importantly get it, or plain and simply […]

Now this is a rarity, not often will you find a pretty much factory standard car appear on the pages of Garage Awesome, that’s right, not a single modification, no track battle wounds, no trips to the bodyshop, no fancy imported parts and no boot full of a sound system that a club in Ibiza […]

Having the UK Show and Motorsport seasons effectively close down over winter is actually kind of handy as it allows us here at Garage Awesome to get out there and find some other cool stuff, including up to date news and some fresh feature cars for you to browse through in between your last minute […]