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What better way to follow up our article on JDM import cars than to bring you a feature car that is exactly that, a JDM Import ride! Garage Awesome went to meet up with Nissan Skyline owner Ben Morton to find out all about it! Firstly, the car doesn’t have 1000bhp, nor does it have […]

Just over a week ago, Garage Awesome launched our first feature car, so how on earth do you follow-up the very cool, but very random Volvo 340? How about this then? Matt Slinn’s Factory Fresh Mk6 Ford Fiesta! Instantly you can see that this has ‘Garage Awesome’ written all over it; clean, crisp lines, classy […]

If you were planning a trip round europe what on earth vehicle would you take? A Nice, luxurious Motorhome maybe? Or possibly a bit more cultured and go for it in a 60’s Split Screen Bus? or Maybe you want to blast round in something more powerful, BMW M5, Porsche Carrera or even a Bentley? […]