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The one thing we can safely guarantee in the modified car world, is a total lack of guarantees! Take last night as a perfect example; when we heard of a small meet being arranged in the Mansfield area, for Jap cars only, arranged via Facebook, on a Monday night, the thought crossed our mind as […]

As we’re constantly working to improve Garage Awesome and take it through to the next level, we are constantly struggling to spread ourselves across all the amazing events that happen around the UK, hey, we’re doing alright and getting loads… but we want to strive to make sure that if it’s happening in the UK […]

As we get stuck into our busiest week since we began, it seems only fair that it’s a nice day and involves a little motorsport, and fortunately for us it involved an amazing day weather wise and our (and most of the UK’s) favourite motorsport as we headed to Silverstone Circuit for the Press and […]

Just over a week ago, Garage Awesome launched our first feature car, so how on earth do you follow-up the very cool, but very random Volvo 340? How about this then? Matt Slinn’s Factory Fresh Mk6 Ford Fiesta! Instantly you can see that this has ‘Garage Awesome’ written all over it; clean, crisp lines, classy […]