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It’s certainly safe to say ‘where has this year gone?’ it seems only weeks ago when we were reporting on the summer Japshow held at Santa pod, and yet here we are finding ourselves at the back end of the season to bring you coverage of the Japshow Finalé! The show has moved from its […]

As we’re constantly working to improve Garage Awesome and take it through to the next level, we are constantly struggling to spread ourselves across all the amazing events that happen around the UK, hey, we’re doing alright and getting loads… but we want to strive to make sure that if it’s happening in the UK […]

Today it was nice for me to spend the day on home turf, no I’ve not moved into Santa Pod as my permanent residence unfortunately, but I did manage to get to a show that has my name written all over and has been on my radar to make sure I’m available for all year, […]

It’s not very often I get jealous, I mean I get to go to some of the coolest events the UK has to offer and have some European events pencilled in later in the year, but bank holiday Monday… the second one, was one of those days that just gave me that hint of jealousy… […]

Now this is a rarity, not often will you find a pretty much factory standard car appear on the pages of Garage Awesome, that’s right, not a single modification, no track battle wounds, no trips to the bodyshop, no fancy imported parts and no boot full of a sound system that a club in Ibiza […]