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After a weekend of Euro road-tripping, there was no way that the Garage Awesome team could go cold turkey the weekend after, we are properly into show season now and our quest for the next dose of action was quickly satisfied, in fact we managed to find two shows on, so did what only Garage […]

With the smell of tyre smoke still fresh up our nose and on our clothes, and our hair full of tiny shards of rubber, it can only point to one thing, yup, you guessed it, we have been drifting. More specifically the Garage Awesome team hit Teesside Autodrome for Round 1 of the Drift Allstars! […]

Cruising may not be a crime, but it does often wind up with some bad press and all modified car enthusiasts being labelled as villains and criminals, but for Garage Awesome it’s the perfect place to spot cars with that little bit extra and get them shot and onto the site before the magazines can […]

Alongside the main Trax event, the final round of the JDM Allstars was running. This is an event that, if you’re a regular reader of Garage Awesome, you will know we have covered before and is possibly our favourite drift series, so there was no way we were gonna miss it or lump a report […]

Over the last few years the popularity of Japanese imported cars has become apparent, with cars like the Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Evo and Toyota Corolla all making big impacts within the car scene. But what is it about imports that makes them so popular? What makes UK buyers look to the other side of the […]