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Not a moment too soon has the 2012 Modified Show season burst into life, after what seems like an eternity of Winter and not enough snow to keep us occupied, we have been anticipating and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and there is usually no better place to get the […]

Trax is just one of them shows that are pencilled in to everyone’s year planner, it’s gotten so big it is without a doubt the UK’s largest 1 day show and has firmly held its place at the first weekend of September for over a decade, so what is it that makes Trax so unique […]

It’s only fair when it comes to a show the size of Modified Nationals that we try to give you a glimpse of all the cars from the whole show, the last part saw us concentrate on the Top 25 and the various traders but one of the main attractions and reasons that Modified Nationals […]

With the end of the 2010 UK show season upon us, it got us thinking about the year we have just had, and in car show and UK scene terms; what’s changed, what’s survived, what has developed and the big question we posed ourselves; what has it been like this year compared to say 5 […]