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NEWS – Garage Awesome Roll Into 2012

Posted: 8th January 2012 by Ollie in News
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It’s fair to say we have been a little quiet as of late, ‘where have you been?’ I hear you cry. Well fear not Awesome fans, we haven’t disbanded, split up, fallen out, been abducted or not paid our electric bill, what we have been doing is planning and having a bit of a think […]

It probably comes as no surprise to those who have been reading some of our Facebook and Twitter messages that since the turn of the year, things have really stepped up a notch at Garage Awesome with some amazing opportunities coming our way over the course of the next 12 months for us, it really […]

With the new season of both modified shows and motorsport about to be upon us, now is one of the busiest times of the year for people launching their plans, ideas, new schemes and new products. One of the biggest developments over the last few years has been the use of online media, and we […]

We’re only a few days into 2011 and already some news has landed in the Garage Awesome in-tray that’s got us a little more excited about the forthcoming year! We have compiled 90% of the calendar of events for us to visit throughout 2011, but we are still hanging on for a couple of the […]

NEWS: Hellaflush Are Heading Our Way!

Posted: 6th December 2010 by Ollie in News
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It seems that Twitter really is the best way to find out about goings on in the world of modified cars and motorsport, so imagine our delight when just yesterday some information appeared on Twitter that we are already looking forward to… more than Christmas! Now the information we have is a little sketchy at […]