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What happens when Nomex, HANS, carbon fibre, kevlar and safety rules get replaced with Tweed, brass, wood, leather and not a great deal of safety? The answer is simple; Historic Motorsport and what better way to celebrate the ancestory of the racing series we enjoy than to make a trip to Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire […]

With the weekend just how Garage Awesome like it; full of events and action, it would have been a travesty not to cover any of the motorsport going off this weekend, unfortunately we couldn’t make Round 1 of the BTCC and with Robbie at Santa Pod and myself an evening planned at MFN, it was […]

Last month saw Garage Awesome head out to the Autosport Show at the NEC, a place where the motorsport world shows off all its new innovations, championships, cars and accessories as well as live action events to accompany it. This weekend however, it was the turn of the motorsport world to show off the ancestry […]

One of the Autosport Show’s more entertaining attractions is the Live Action arena, featuring exhilarating displays from some of the most skilful performers, on top of this with the action coming to you live, there are never two shows that go exactly the same, leading to that same air of unpredictability we’re used to whilst […]

For many, the first national event of the year is the Autosport Show held at Birmingham’s NEC. Since the early 90’s it has become the biggest event on the calendar for motorsport enthusiasts of all kinds; giving many a chance to promote their latest products, championships and cars. This is something that we simply couldn’t […]