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What happens when Nomex, HANS, carbon fibre, kevlar and safety rules get replaced with Tweed, brass, wood, leather and not a great deal of safety? The answer is simple; Historic Motorsport and what better way to celebrate the ancestory of the racing series we enjoy than to make a trip to Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire […]

As we’re constantly working to improve Garage Awesome and take it through to the next level, we are constantly struggling to spread ourselves across all the amazing events that happen around the UK, hey, we’re doing alright and getting loads… but we want to strive to make sure that if it’s happening in the UK […]

For us, watching a set of rare, expensive and truly legendary Group B rally cars going hell for leather like they would have been back in the ’70s and ’80s, only a few feet away from our camera lenses, is an opportunity we just couldn’t miss! So we thought, rather than throw a few of […]

Last month saw Garage Awesome head out to the Autosport Show at the NEC, a place where the motorsport world shows off all its new innovations, championships, cars and accessories as well as live action events to accompany it. This weekend however, it was the turn of the motorsport world to show off the ancestry […]

Having the UK Show and Motorsport seasons effectively close down over winter is actually kind of handy as it allows us here at Garage Awesome to get out there and find some other cool stuff, including up to date news and some fresh feature cars for you to browse through in between your last minute […]