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Not a moment too soon has the 2012 Modified Show season burst into life, after what seems like an eternity of Winter and not enough snow to keep us occupied, we have been anticipating and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and there is usually no better place to get the […]

It’s certainly safe to say ‘where has this year gone?’ it seems only weeks ago when we were reporting on the summer Japshow held at Santa pod, and yet here we are finding ourselves at the back end of the season to bring you coverage of the Japshow Finalé! The show has moved from its […]

Santa Pod’s Ultimate Street Car event is probably the most popular modified car event in the UK, and with a perfect mix of fast cars on the track, show cars in the paddock, traders selling their wares and night time entertainment happening over a full weekend, we believe the only way to do USC is […]

Today it was nice for me to spend the day on home turf, no I’ve not moved into Santa Pod as my permanent residence unfortunately, but I did manage to get to a show that has my name written all over and has been on my radar to make sure I’m available for all year, […]

The great thing about Garage Awesome, and I know that sounds pretentious but I happen to believe in what I am about to say, is that despite our small team we constantly strive to get to as many of the events as possible and with the weekend just gone being a particularly hectic one for […]