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Now, I’m not French, nor have I ever been to French car show before, in fact I’ve never even owned a French car, so I will be the first to admit with all the motorsport and events going off this weekend that I was surprised to find myself, along with our trusty “tea boy” new […]

In the modified car world, nearly everyone has an opinion, be it on make and model of car, choice of wheels, how low/high a car should be, where to place stickers and what colours work best. Of course, most of these things make for interesting forum reads, or full blown Facebook “discussions”, but one thing […]

The Popularity of the 2011 Marangoni Fast Show has kind of caught us out, in previous years it has been plagued with bad weather and the shadow of the Donny/ISTS shows traditionally taking the ‘First Show of the Season’ tag, but it seems that this year the gap left by ISTS has been well and […]

With the end of the 2010 UK show season upon us, it got us thinking about the year we have just had, and in car show and UK scene terms; what’s changed, what’s survived, what has developed and the big question we posed ourselves; what has it been like this year compared to say 5 […]

It’s quite a while since I last went to an organised cruise, and with Garage Awesome yet to cover a one, I was delighted to hear about one being organised in Derby, only 25 minutes away from Garage Awesome HQ and organised by the guys from! We started out by meeting up with a […]